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Thread: PR3~ PR6 Do Follow forum Posting (Reviews inside)

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    PR3~ PR6 Do Follow forum Posting (Reviews inside)

    HI Members
    I am new in this forum but having good experience in forum posting, I am offering the following package:

    -10 posts x 30 Forums = 300 Posts
    -Quality, unique content posts/threads.
    -2 Links in signature (means 2 backlinks from one post/thread)
    -PR 3 and above dofollow forums
    - well detailed excel report containing exact link where post/thread is located.

    Price is just $ 40 ( 3 review copies for $ 35)

    Let me know, if you any query regarding my services
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    Will the forums match my topic?
    I mean, will you post only on car forums if I require so?

    Also, considering you're a new member I believe you should offer 1 free review copy.

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    @Shenron, Thanks for your query and showing your interest in my services:
    I am only observed the PR as i mentioned in my thread, it is not niche related forum posting. As you better know that it is not one or two hours work that i have to offer a free review copy. I am only offered you free 100posts (10 forums x 10posts=100 posts). If seems , let me know i will start work, please
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    This package is still available, is any one interested
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  5. Will you replace profiles/posts that were deleted? Also how many different links are allowed, can all signatures have different links? thanks

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    Thanks for your query.
    I will provide 100% live links, and can be replaced, if any link deleted within a month. I am placed 2 keywords with URL in signature. so after 100 posts you may change the keywords/URL.
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    Is your service still available? I have sent you a PM.

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    This package is still available or not

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    I am interested in forum posting to participate in all major forum, is you offering this services still

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