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    Hey everyone!

    I am now starting my own SEO Friendly Web Directory Submissions! The directories are PR8-PR0 and turnaround time is moderate since I am doing this alone. I am not a newbie to this business, as I am already experience it myself for months and also to my other clients...slowly but surely.

    100 PR8-PR4 submissions = $4.00 (1-2 days)
    200 PR8-PR3 submissions = $7.50 (2-3 days)
    500 PR8-PR1 submissions = $16.00 (up to 7 days, no Sunday)
    1,000 PR8-PR0 submissions = $25.00 (up to 14 days, no Sundays)

    I also offer long term packages for everyone:

    2,000 PR8-PR0 submissions (100 submissions daily, no Sunday) = $50.00
    3,500 PR8-PR0 submissions (up to 150 submissions daily, no Sunday) = $75.00
    5,000 PR8-PR0 submissions (up to 200 submissions daily, no Sunday) = $95.00

    A Professional Excel spreadsheet report will be given to your e-mail once it's finished, along with it's PR and Alexa. For example, if you order a small package on late Saturday evening, which the turnaround is 2-3 days, we will skip Sunday and the report will be expected on Tuesday or Wednesday. You must give me extra time to give you a professional report.

    For all those who order during my evening time, the work will always start on the following day except if it's Sunday.

    Here are some of my past honest reviews on Digitalpoint:

    Quote Originally Posted by Duff1000 View Post
    My review:

    I ordered a review copy of 50 manual directory submissions from bogartkick team, The service was fast, I got results in a few hours! At the end I got detailed report the included a list of all the directories, amazing service- bogartkick is really nice to work it!

    Rating 10/10
    Well done!
    Quote Originally Posted by victor9011 View Post
    Well he has finished my review package and I must say that I am very please of the results. I have received confirmation e-mails from all the directories. Very good service. I recommend it.
    And here's one review being sent to me through PM which she did not publish on my old thread:

    Speed is nice, but it isn't everything. Accuracy is even better.

    Since you put these directories on an Excel spreadsheet, you might want to take the time to use the Data function and arrange them alphabetically. Then it's easy to see where you've submitted twice to the same directory. In the case with Health Food Made Easy, that happened three times.

    Submissions made correctly are also nice. For instance, refused to include the link because "the submission rules were not followed." Neither was the one for - taking the time to get it right is once again better than speed. And of course it will take a while for everything to come in and see what is approved and what isn't, and for what reason.

    But for the most part, the links were submitted and that's good!

    So there you have it, my proofs of reviews!

    First two lucky customers will get 50% discount on all short term packages except for long term ones, but required to post a review on my service after the report is received. You would expect at least 90% success on all of the submissions. If things get delayed because of emergencies or important matters, don't worry I always update you honestly and I won't run away.

    Payment first before service! I accept Paypal only. I will accept Alertpay and LibertyReserve soon if things go well with my sales.

    Since I am doing this by myself, I can work up to 2 customers only depends on my busy schedule. I have a technique of my own which made submissions very fast and saves time for myself.

    First-come, first-serve everyone! Just give me a shot guys!

    Just give me your details:

    Title: Must be at least two titles and a maximum of five.
    Description: Must be at least two descriptions and a maximum of five.
    Contact E-mail:

    Looking forward to do business with everyone!

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