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Hi Guys,

this is our new service here. Here you are going to pay only for what you get. Unlike other services we are not going to submit your press releases to 'thousands of press release websites' and we are not going to send you a report which shows the status as 'submitted waiting for approval'.

-----> Here is what we do <-----

  • We will create a Professionally written Press Release for your website/service/blog/product/business
  • We will submit it manually to top press release sites.
  • All of your press release pages will be having live links to your websites (Remember Active URLs - not simple text - or no nofollow links)
  • You pay only for what you get!! Don't think about the number of press release pages you are going to get with this service. Because as we are going to submit it to top press release websites, small PR websites will be taking the news from them and it will act like a multiplication.

So what you exactly get with this Service?

  1. Quality Backlinks
  2. Greater Exposure
  3. Greater Traffic
  4. SERP Improvement
  5. Google news placement and lots more..

Packages ( Don't worry about the number of Submissions Pay Only for the approved Results )

Price with all the Below Packages are included with the writing of a professional press Release - So no Extra fees )

7 Approved Press Releases with live backlinks - 29$

10 Approved Press Releases with Backlinks on Top Press Release websites - 34$

25 Approved Press Releases with Backlinks on Top PR websites - 49$

Turn around time 3 Days. Complete Reports will be sent with live urls.

How to Order?

Send a PM with full website details and contact information. Or drop an email to mervikhaums(at)live(dot)com

Sample Press Releases

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PS: We will not submit PR on Paid websites and upfront payments via paypal.