My team and I thought of establishing our own private network of bookmarking sites. We, however, decided to open the membership to other webmasters, particularly those in the social bookmarking service and linkwheel service.

What will you get?

  • An account to at least 50 social bookmarking sites (we now use scuttle, set it on dofollow, and make imacros for it so you can automate your submission)
  • An account to at least 25 wpmu-powered blogs so you can request to create unlimited number of blogs for your linkwheeling service
  • Access to exclusive group page where you can download imacros snippets not just for the network sites but also for other sites as well

Please do know that all those sites are new. We will optimize building links for them and make them authority sites in the future. The number of sites in the network is just the minimum, we can increase that in the future when our membership achieve a self-sustaining mark.

All domains are .COMs
All sites are hosted in different D and C class IPs

Monthly Rate: $10/month

The whole network is fully available in February 7.
Currently completed: 34 social bookmark sites, 9 blog sites

Review/Promo copy: One-time guaranteed membership of $100 (when due to unforeseen circumstances, that we can't continue operating the network, we will refund your $100. However, if you pay this amount and after some time, you decided to stop using the network, we won't refund your money back.)
By paying $100, you can entitled to use the network as long as you want.

PM me for the payment info and sample site.
Here's my DP reputation