Forum Posting Do follow
I am offering forum posting services in all kind of niches and here are the things i follow while doing posting.


1. Registration: I will sign up with forums. I have list of do follow forums , so depending on your niche will register them.

2. Posting Guideline: On each forum, I will make 5-10 posts ( will depend upon how many posts you are looking for in 1 forum ), which will include 1-2 threads started by me.

3. Will set signatures after you provide linking information.

4. Our agreement will be per link acquired. Banned posts will be replaced. Removed links will be replaced.

5. NO SPAM: No forum spam. They will be heavily genuine posts without abuse of "hello nice post", "thanks for sharing" kind of posts. Will be on topic and non spammy.

6. Once work is finished, will send report to you.Detailed report along with thread/post URL along with sig and username password with necessary notes will be provided.


Standard Package

50 Backlinks
50 Posts
5 Do follow forums
10 Posts in each forum

Price At just $16

Silver Package

100 Backlinks form 10 Forums
100 P
10 Do follow forums
10 Posts in each forum

Price At just $26

Golden Package

100 Backlinks form 20 Forums

100 Posts
20 Do follow forums
5 Posts in each forum

Price At just 40$

Review copies are available
1 for Standard package at $11
1 for Silver package at $21
1 for Golden package at $31


P.S. Anxiously waiting for your replies.