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Thread: Professional link building services

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    Professional link building services

    Hi, I am Don and I am experienced link builder. I always built links for my own sites. I have several sites with several thousands of backlinks linking to my websites.

    • My services include:
    • Article writing and distribution to article directories - I will write unique articles and distribute over hundreds of article directories. It is one of the best one way links to your website.
    • Directory submission - it is still working method of link building so you will get hundreds of one way links to your website.
    • Social bookmarking - you will get your site linked by digg, and many other social bookmarking websites.
    • High PR links - I will get you one way links from high quality and PR sites. I will get you links from PR4+ websites.
    • Other services - I will do other services such as squidoo page creation with backlinks to your site and promotion of squidoo lens and other services.

    I am sure that you will get thousands of high quality links to your website. This service is white hat so you won't get banned by Google or any other search engine ...

    Here are my examples: - it is a site that has been up for less than 2 months and it has got almost 3,000 backlinks. It is not yet finished but I am sure that this site will get PR3 at least after the next Google update. It is on the first page of Google by keyword zombie driver and I am constantly working on it so I am sure it soon rank in top 3 by this keyword. - it is non English but have very high quality of backlinks to this website. It has been up for 3 months and it has got 2,700 backlinks. - it is non English and it has been up for almost 2 years now. It has got almost 6,200 high quality backlinks.

    After years of practice I realised that link building is my hobby. So I think that we could do business that is beneficial for both of us.

    My prices are not expensive. You get thousands of backlinks every month. You pay me $300 on monthly basis to my Paypal account. You will also receive a full report on weekly/monthly basis.

    If you are interested in my services please PM me or shoot me email at


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    Hello there.

    Since you are new to the forum, would you consider giving a small free review copy? Basically you would give me a sample of what you're offering, and afterward I would post a full-review copy. It helps establish you in the community and often results in higher sales.

    PM me if you're interested.

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    well, I am a respected member on DP with over 40 iTrader but if you want I could give you a review copy but not for free ... if you are still interested please let me know.

  4. Have to agree with Kovich's suggestion because $300 is a lot of money to pay in advance on an "unknown" - it's putting a lot at risk. A few reviewers could allievate worry about you fulfilling your end of the agreement to a large extent at least.

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    I could do this deal:

    You pay me $50 and I will get you couple hundreds of links using article submissions, directory submission and social bookmarking methods.

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    That sounds like a fair offer, but perhaps it would be better for all involved parties if you were to offer a small package for free - so rather than doing a variety of services, just give a sample of one. For example, a few submissions to a directory, etc.

    Personally, I'm weary of giving any money up-front to someone that hasn't been around here long. Nothing personal.

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    Okay, we can do this: I do the service - I get you couple hundred to a several hundred links and once I finish you pay me $50. I know I have to build the reputation first but I also may consider offering a small packages in the future

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