Hey NB members,

Here is my very first service in NB, Yahoo answers posting service. I am having a great experience as well as having great team to post answers.

Just have a look at my previous work here in this thread : [ame="http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1369541"]Professional Yahoo Answers Service!![/ame]

I promise you that, you can't see any negative feedback in that thread, It has full of positive reviews.

Why Yahoo answers??

As you all know, Yahoo answers are the best way to get targeted organic traffic, Around 90 million people are using yahoo answers, It's statistical report by yahoo answers team.

What do i do??

I just choose questions related to your website category and post a valuable answer there, As we have guys who are all good in english and etc, we can easily do this work, Moreover we have a great experience in this service.

Do we use different IP/ISP??

Yes, as we have many guys who are all working to us for part time, Obviously they have different IP and ISP, which helps to post answers easier and am damn sure it won't get deleted by yahoo answers team. I give 100% assurance for that.

we assure that

We have more than 30 Level2 ids with us, So we will post answers using Level2+ ids only. So your links will be active.

If any of the answers got deleted, we will replace it for damn sure, Or else if you are unhappy with our work/report, We will refund your money for sure.


We will give you the report after the completion of work, we will give you the excel sheet report with complete details.


BEST answers only

B1 Package

25 Yahoo BEST answers
Time : 3 Business days
Price : $30

B2 Package

50 Yahoo BEST answers
Time : 5 Business days
Price : $55

B3 Package

100 Yahoo BEST answers
Time : 8 Business days
Price : $100

B4 Package

200 Yahoo BEST answers
Time : 15 Business days
Price : $180

NORMAL answers only

N1 package

25 Yahoo answers
Time : 3 Business days
Price : $15

N2 Package

50 Yahoo answers
Time : 5 Business days
Price : $25

N3 Package

100 Yahoo answers
Time : 8 Business days
Price : $45

N4 Package

200 Yahoo answers
Time : 15 Business days
Price : $80

What is the difference between BEST & Normal answers??

You will 90% conversion rate of traffic, if you have BEST answers. You can get an awesome and quick organic traffic if your answer is the BEST. So that's the quality of BEST answers. .

If you wish to see the previous work of mine, Just ask me at dofollowprojects@gmail.com

What do i need from you??

Website URLs and
Categories of your websites

Payment : PAYPAL

Well i have already got a project from Will.Spencer and also sent report to him, So i mean here that, I won't give any review copies, As this job is very hard to do. Hope you understand.

Let me know your questions and interest here, PM or mail me to dofollowprojects@gmail.com

Thank you, Have a nice day!!