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    Professional yahoo answers service

    We are providing yahoo answer service since a long period.
    As yahoo answers not only help in SEO it also help you in building the traffic from the click able links we provide,as the accounts we use are level2 accounts. Millions of people browse yahoo answers every day and if your link is kept there i am sure that your traffic will be increased.

    The actual process of this is, we answers the questions relevant to your website and add your link either with in the answer or in the resource box. All the links we provide will be click able so it will direct to your website helping you in increasing your site traffic and also your SEO.

    We are known for :
    - Good native English and grammar
    - Answers will be self written and no copy paste work will be done.
    - Definite increase of traffic for your website
    - Non spammy and relevant answers

    Here are the packages :

    Package 1 - 20 yahoo answers - $12
    Package 2 - 30 yahoo answers - $16
    Package 3 - 50 yahoo answers - $25
    Package 4 - 100 yahoo answers - $50

    If you are within the first 3 members ordering
    50% off for Package 1,
    40% off for Package 2,
    30% off for Package 3 and
    25% off for Package 4.

    Payment only via PAYPAL
    For further details contact me at
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