Hi Everyone,

I am providing Profile Building Service and pinging. You will see SEO boost for your site!!!

Steps I will do:

1. Register profiles on forums - Spinned usernames
2. Verify Emails
3. Submit your links with your anchor text.
4. Create a report with your profile links
5. Ping each of your Profile links to 10+ pinging service..

Details I require:

1. Your anchor keyword
2. Your URL
3. Email to send the report (for profile creation, we create an account for you)

No need to PM these data, you can click below button and submit data.

My rates are as follows:

1. 100 profile links - $12
2. 500 profile links - $49
3. 1000 profile links - $79

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SEO Boost:

You will see SEO boost for your keywords. I believe in the service I provide. I have got rank one for many of my low to mid competition keywords. It works great!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask..

Review Copy

I am new to this forum. So I would like to provide free review copies for this service.

100 Profile links for 3 Members. Condition - Members must have more than 300 post.

One spot is reserved for Shenron . If he doesnt avail one copy, after confirmation someone can avail.

To avail review copies post here and PM me.

Thank You