Alright, I think it's fairly safe to say that my proof-reading abilities are sound. I am happy to offer them to you at the rate of 0.5 NB$ per word (before my services take place). That is only 250 NB$ per 500 word piece!

While I do revise to the best of my ability, I cannot guarantee that the final output will be mistake free.

If I feel that the piece isn't worth reading in the first place, I will tell you so. I will make sure that it contains no gramatical errors, fix any minor sentence structure issues - but I want to make sure that this is clear... This is not a rewriting service. If it isn't worth reading to start with, unless it is rewritten it won't be to finish with.

If you'd rather pay in cash, $2.50 per 500 words is acceptable.

Note: This service is not available for the likes of a CV or a contract. Strictly web-content.