You want to become a proxy owner? Earn hundreds of Dollars monthly? And this for only 10$ per proxy?
It is possible thanks to Aquarezz (The owner from ProxB.Com) I have over 4 years of experience in proxy business but I'm kinda getting bored with making proxies for myself and I want other people to start making money thanks to me. In fact 10$ is too less, but since all you guys are so loyal to me I will do it for this cheap amount.

200 Proxies will be created, 196 Proxies left!

What will be done for you?

  • I will give you a fresh domain which has 11 months left (They were bought 27 February 2009 at Godaddy). (Worth 1,20$)
  • Free featured listing at ProxB.Com (Worth 6$)
  • 1 Month Free Hosting on TMZHosting.Com (Worth 11$)
  • Glype script with a Glype template (Free Service)
  • Free submission to over 125 proxy lists (Worth 10$)
  • 1 Free email to my proxy group HotProxies with over 2800 members (Worth 3$)

Total worth: 31,20$

Your earnings after one month:
We can't guarantee an amount... but if you're using Google Adsense (which you should) I guarantee you will earn at least 5$ (Normally it's at least 25$ in the first month) but I will only refund the money if you made less than 5$ in your first month on your proxy with Adsense.
Adsense MUST've been online for 30 days on your proxy or refund won't be given.
If the hosting is offline for more than 10 days, than the refund won't be given.

Bulk Prices:
1 Proxy: 10$
2 Proxies: 18$
3 Proxies: 27$
5 Proxies: 45$

I'm not making more than 5 proxies per user otherwise it won't be fair and you would just earn too much!

Contact me:
Mail: aquarezz[AT]hotmail[DOT]com
Private Message: Click Here

Best regards,
Nico - ProxB.Com Owner