Short and sweet description:
What is this:
Automate the cleaning of your proxy list
What I do: Install a tool to scan your list and remove proxies that shouldn't be there.
What you do: Sit back and let the proxy list run itself.
Cost to you: One time fee of $67

And now onto the full description of what I will do, if you're still interested.

We all know how annoying it is to accept a proxy to our proxy list, only to find out shortly after the user parked the page, removed the back link, or redirected it elsewhere.

And when a proxy user clicks on a proxy on your list, they expect to be taken to a working proxy. It's that simple. They don't want to have to click through your list to find a proxy that actually works. With all the options out there, it's not hard to find excuses to move on to the next proxy list.

How many times have you gone through your proxy list checking for faulty proxies? Is it fun? No. No one wants to go through hundreds of proxies manually. The process takes time, and time is money.

There is a script that a few people are running now even let you scan all your proxies with a click of a button. This is very handy indeed, and can help weed through the bad proxies. But this again takes effort to do. Not much, but it's one more thing to think about.

This is where I come in. I have developed a tool that will scan every proxy on your list to see if the proxy is working, and to see if there is a back link present. This is an automatic process that happens whenever you want. I personally have this setup to run every three hours.

I am offering to tailor my tool to your proxy list, set it up so it runs automatically, and help make sure it works. This will include modifying the code of your proxy listing script, along with tweaking the tool to work with your specific setup. Now you can worry about the only thing you should be, and that's promoting your proxy list. With my tool in place your proxy list will run itself, and you no longer have to be bothered with the regular maintenance.

I have used many different scripts in my day, and I have set up this tool on every one. The tool has evolved to become more effective and to work with many different setups.

I am charging a one time fee of $67 to do this for you. The requirements of my script are:

PHP with CURL support, and crontab. I will need shell access to install the script as well. And there will more than likely have to be modifications to your script along with database structure changes. I will explain all of these and what they're for, as the tool needs to be modified to work specifically with your script.

If you would like any references, I'm sure would vouch for me.

Feel free to ask any questions in the thread. And either post or PM me if you're interested in purchasing.