I have been promoting Proxies for over one year. If you have a fresh unblocked Proxy on a unique IP, that is filter friendly, I can send you some good traffic. Anywhere between 200-1000+ Uniques the first day. Results vary depending on your site and if it is blocked or not. I have lots of Reviews and iTraders from DP in this thread and others if you search:

Give Your Proxy the Z613 Effect! The Best Proxy Traffic and Promotion service on DP! - Page 9

The prices are as follows:

Gold - $15.00 #1 in Email Blast to 8235+ Subscribers
Silver - $10.00 #2 in Email Blast to 8235+ Subscribers
Bronze - $5.00 #3 in Email Blast to 8235+ Subscribers

+ The following is included:

-30 Day Bold Top Listing on ProxySites.Ca
-Permanent Link on http://z613.com
-Plus your Proxy listed on 4 other listing sites of mine. That get decent traffic Daily.

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