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Thread: Proxy Server URL that Works in Germany for Biggest Loser

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    Proxy Server URL that Works in Germany for Biggest Loser

    You can PM or post it. First person to send me a URL for a proxy that lets my wife watch these URLs in Germany:
    The Biggest Loser - Week Ten - Video -
    The Biggest Loser - Week Eleven - Video -
    The Biggest Loser - Week Twelve - Video -
    The Biggest Loser - Week Thirteen - Video -

    Will get:
    1 - All of my netbucks at the time of successful viewing of one of the 4 videos on my computer in Germany
    2 - 6 month link on either my signature here or on my PR-3 writing blog

    That's right. Just for a proxy that will let us watch Biggest Loser. NBC and Hulu firewalls prevent us from watching directly here in Germany (in the US no prob), I'm losing work time after testing the 30th U.S. proxy that did not work for me.

    To win, if I need to do anyting other than copy+paste the URL above to your proxy, you need to tell me. If not it fails (ie it has to be Momma proof).

    Post or PM questions.
    Date/Time of the first post or PM that works, wins as it reads on my computer. Reserve the right of refusal on link + key phrase/key word if you push the "gray" area on what I consider acceptable (but you can provide an alternate one).

    Thanks much.

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    No takers? Ok, off to Top Bits to start going down the list

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    Hey James. You might want to give this a try:
    Get Behind the Shield! Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree

    Totally free, and it converts your IP address to a US one.

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