Hello all,

I am fairly new here and I want to offer my content writing services.

I can write on various niches, but I like to try out new stuff every time. I get to learn and earn money at the same time I have written reviews (many of them of computer/playstation games), relationship advice, product descriptions, sales pitches, etc. I am also familiar with almost all blogging platforms and have experience in writing content for an existing audience too.

So, no fancy pitch here, I charge a economical price and deliver it's worth... we'll that is just about it. Do try me out

Some things which the buyer might like to know :-
1. I am from India (But contrary to popular belief, I can write and speak English fairly well :P)

2. I am a student.
If you are interested, shoot me with a PM here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to speak with you.

- Kritesh