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Thread: Quality Writing: $4/500 Words -- Minimum Order: 10

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    Quality Writing: $4/500 Words -- Minimum Order: 10

    Yep, I myself started in the writing industry... But left, because I didn't enjoy writing about topics that I had no interest in (and not a lot of stuff grabs my attention). And I'm not coming back!

    I'm here to offer you... My writer. He's been preparing content for I Knew It!, and in my option, has done a brilliant job. I wouldn't publish crap on my Web site, so there's no reason why you should on yours.

    I will give each article a quick skim (I'm bound to miss something), but that's what you get when you're paying dirt cheap rates.

    At the moment, because of a situation that I have been left in -- caused by an advertiser not paying an affiliate company who's not paying an affiliate company who will not pay me... I am going to have to ask that I receive a 60% down payment, and that you do not order any less than 10 articles.

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    Can you provide articles on Tech & Gadgets?

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    Most definitely.

  4. Is he available now?

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