What is SNIPloq?

SNIPloq is a service that provides secure social networking identity protection for internet marketers by reserving spaces and usernames on a large number of social networking and social bookmarking sites.

Why is SNIPloq useful to me?

With SNIPloq, you will never again have to worry about signing up for Twitter, Digg, or Facebook, as well as many others, and finding that your username has been taken by another.

What do I have to provide for this service?

  • First name, last name, middle initial
  • Address, city, state, zip
  • Phone number
  • Email to reach you for consult
  • Username preferred

Where am I registered?

  1. Facebook
  2. MySpace
  3. Twitter
  4. Orkut
  5. Gmail
  6. Yahoo
  7. Windows Live/Bing
  8. Digg
  9. StumbleUpon
  10. Reddit
  11. Delicious
  12. Blurb
  13. Dailymotion
  14. Blogger
  15. Wordpress
  16. eBay
  17. Amazon
  18. YouTube
  19. iLike
  20. Photobucket
  21. ImageShack
  22. Last.fm
  23. LiveJournal
  24. Mixx
  25. YouTube
  26. Squidoo
  27. Technorati
  28. eHow
  29. Instructables
  30. Razorloq Forums

That's thirty services, plus another ten of your choosing for no extra cost (only available to registered members of Net Builders).

What does SNIPloq cost me?

SNIPloq is an amazing bargain. Just $20 buys you registration to thirty regular social networks, in addition to another ten of your choosing. That nice clean Andrew Jackson you just got from the bank? That could buy you a nice setup for social network identity protection in about 24 hours.

I personally promise that I will be creating each and every one of these registrations by hand. There will be no excuses. There will be no problems. There will be no automation errors or errors on the part of outsourcing. Just me, working for you, ready to help.

All registrations will be registered on the Gmail address created from the username. A temporary password will be set for all accounts.

Anything extra for me?

But always! Any Net Builders member who orders and delivers a positive iTrader upon request and review of product, as well as a positive review of the product itself, will receive a free copy of the Comprehensive Cookie Stuffing Guide upon its completion, set for early-to-mid September.

The SNIPloq journey begins September 1st, and it promises to be only the first of many services offered by Razorloq. If interested, please PM me or send an email to razorloq@gmail.com.