REAL 20% Discount
Genuine Reduction

Hey there netbuilders, as I'm sure some of you probably already know I'm Tex and I own IPFreelyProxies and I have decided to give out a special 2012 New Years Discount. 20% off ALL proxy set prices. (old prices are still on the main page at This Page here for proof.)

I realise this appears as my first post on this forum but it looks like there are enough members to warrant me hanging out here as well. If anyone has any proxy related questions, either about my service or others, please feel free to ask.

All my discounts are based on my current prices, not pre-inflated ones. No Coupon Code required, just go to the Secret Discount Page Here.

I have decided to give this discount because I had a pretty good year in 2011 and I recently negotiated a slightly better bulk proxy price deal with my providers, so I'm passing this along to you. I want everyone to have a GREAT Happy and Prosperous 2012!

These prices "may" end Saturday January the 21st 2012 but if you signup before then you will be locked in for life at this discounted price. If takeup is as large as I expect then I will just continue it indefinitely because I'm not greedy, I'm in this for the long term.

10 Private Proxies - $18.40 AUD / month ($1.84 each)
20 Private Proxies - $33.60 AUD / month ($1.68 each)
50 Private Proxies - $80.00 AUD / month ($1.60 each)
100 Private Proxies - $144.00 AUD / month ($1.44 each)
200 Private Proxies - $268.00 / month ($1.34 each)
253 Private Proxies - $320.00 / month ($1.30 each)
400 Private Proxies - $500.00 / month ($1.25 each)

We don't do shared proxies because most of those that do end up killing them with overuse and abuse anyway, so why bother right?

Our proxies are iplocked (using your IP and not a username/password) and includes your own control panel user area so you can change your IP at ANY TIME and maybe even add your outsource workers IP(s) as well. We invented this control panel system and of course it's now been copied across a bunch of other proxy providers, haha.

If you want more info on myself and my proxy business just google "texacola" or "texacola1" and you'll see how long I've been in business and how well thought of I am both as a person and a proxy provider.

Oh crap! Almost forgot. I've been using my own proxies in ScrapeBox and SenukeX for over a year now and I get a very high success rate across all platforms.

We also swap out our proxy sets every couple of months or so to try and keep everything fresher for our clients.

Sweetfunny, the creator of Scrapebox, has been a client continuously since September 2010, that's how good we are!

We only accept payment via Paypal (no others will be considered except for large orders and then only via Western Union) and it's a monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time and your proxies won't get cut off until the last day of your paid subscription.

Thanks, see everyone soon!