Hello to all,

I would like to offer my "performance based SEO" services for real website / business owners. When I say "real business owners" I mean on people who really want to improve their online presence and increase REAL traffic and sales and think in advance; not on people who would like to get miracles for $300 or so.

Methods I use:
I try to give the best possible SEO service for scheduled amount. Links I build will be mostly permanent (nothing is permanent but at least not on 6 months, year or so). I dont use mass packages like "1000 of that for $9.99" but natural things.

How that works:
1. You send me your website URL, some details about your business and your goals and desired keywords you want to rank for.
2. I will send you my price estimation for achieving top10 (or better if your website is already ranked good).
3. You will pay a small amount in advance (initial costs)
4. I will send you manually written report about your website, how to improve it and analyze keywords if I think your choice is not good or cost effective.
5. I begin with my work and you pay after results are achieved, per keyword.
6. During the campaign I will be always online for your questions - to help you understand everything and together to make your business more profitable.

Budget range:
I can accept projects worth $250 to $5000 right now. For projects worth more than $5000 we can discuss but right now I cannot start with bigger projects because of ongoing projects. I do not want to take something I do not have time for. I will either do quality business or will not accept project at all.

Payments - Milestones:
Can be discussed and negotiated but should be something like this:

10% in advance
10% for top50
15% for top30
25% for top20
40% for top10

Of course if your website is in top10 or top50 already prices will be defined different way. If website is in top50 we can set prices till #1 position but if website is "nowhere" I would like not to make deals so much in advance before I "feel" it.

First to tell, I will not guarantee anything in less than 3 months. If you are a real business owner your business will not die if you wait 3 months. So, my projects last 3 to 12 months, depending on many factors and most important - competition level. For regular SEO projects 3-6 months should be enough for top10 of the google.

Maintenance costs:
Actually, after the job is done you can expect to have $0 costs for maintenance in next 6 months becuase results I make will be very stable. Of course, if your niche is very unstable or so competitive drops can happen but not big drops. After the period of 6 months some maintenance should be done but be sure that that will not cost a lot as basis of links I will make in first campaign will stay alive and some links even gain strength.

Who this offer is not for:
This offer is not for people who think that with investments of $500 can make thousands per month in just around few months. There is no business in the world where you can invest $1000 and begin making $5000 per month in 2 months (unless you have some briliant idea or viral thing to offer). So, you should expect your money back in 6 - 24 months, depending on many factors and I will make estimation after our first discussion.

This offer is also not for people (many of them online) who think that with $100 they can make top10 keywords like "lawyer new york" or similar.

Who am I?
I dont work much on freelancer.com but to see what others say about me you can check:
Feedback for m2webs | Freelancer.com

I have a group of people (not tens of SEO experts like others like to say) who work for me different things.

some of my top10 results:
top 10 songs, log cabins, mobile massage, leaflet design, braces ny, invisalign ny, pregnancy massage, etc...

If you are interested write me on PM or mail me on m2webss@gmail.com

Best Regards,