Number of Targeted WebPages - 4
No of Targeted Keywords - 4
Min Project Duration/Month- 2

On Page Optimization

Website Analysis - YES
Competitive Analysis - YES
Keyword Research and Analysis- NO
Meta Tags Creation and Optimization - YES
Content Optimization - NO
Image Optimization - NO
Sitemap Creation (Static and Dynamic)- YES
Robots.txt Creation-- YES
Google Analytics Setup- YES
Source Code Optimization- NO
Off-Page Optimization

Manual Search Engine Submission- YES
Manual Directory Submission- 400
Article Submission- 2*60 Domain
Press Release Distribution- 1*10 Domain
Forum Postings - NO
Social Bookmarking - 20
Blog Creation - 1*20 Domain
Newsletter Submission - No
Video Ad Posting( Provide by Client) - NO
Clipmark Posting YES
Classified Ad Posting - 5
Google Map Creation- YES
Document Submission - NO
RSS Feed Submission 5
Social networking - NO
Blog Commenting- NO
Reciprocal Link exchange(If Client want)- NO

Delivery Time
No. of Hours/Month -- 80 Hrs
Set Up Price-- 50 USD
Price/Monthly -- 150 USD