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Thread: ★ SEO Analysis and Tracking ★ 9.99$ - 100% Reliable -by Experts - Free Review copies

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    ★ SEO Analysis and Tracking ★ 9.99$ - 100% Reliable -by Experts - Free Review copies

    Do you prefer using your time for work you are an expert at? Let Us Take Care of Your SEO Keyword Analysis and Tracking. Sit back and relax.

    Do you want to supercharge your Internet marketing business and put other so-called Internet marketing gurus to shame by ranking your keywords high up in Google Land?

    • Do you find keyword research TIRESOME or DIFFICULT?
    • Are you confused and puzzled by the different SEO keyword tools on the Internet?
    • Frustrated by the lack of results for your SEO campaigns?

    If you’ve answered yes to at least ONE of the questions above, then you must know that keyword research in SEO is a necessary evil. Fret not, for the solution is right here under your very nose!

    We offer you the remedy which finally makes all your SEO campaigns 100% transparent.

    We’ve created a special service unofficially called the Keyword Tracking Butler where all your keyword tracking and analysis needs will be taken care of. As a result your SEO efforts for your selected keyword(s) will be 100% transparent. You will be able to see your progress and whether it's worth to invest more into SEO.

    This work is tiring, indeed. Why not outsource it to actual experts? This leaves you with more time to craft your SEO campaigns without having to worry about whether you keywords have been optimized or not!

    5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire the Keyword Tracking Butler TODAY!

    1. We will calculate and evaluate your SEO score so that you know what your current position in the search engine is
    2. We will KEEP TRACK of your keywords and how well they perform for no less than 2 WHOLE MONTHS, proving that we are not just a one-time deal
    3. Weekly reports will be sent in a timely manner for 4 months, and for other times in between, you’re welcome to look us up for a chat on Skype.
    4. Everything is done by us humans. Not machines, not apes
    5. Our price is by far the most competitive – NO ONE ELSE offers anything remotely as value-for-money as this! (see below)
    6. We will analyze your competitors showing their rankings. You can see and keep track of how your competitors perform or whether you finally wiped them to the ground!

    Our service is ridiculously cheap.

    ... Not $50

    ... Not even $29

    ... Are you ready for this? Here it is!

    $15 !!!

    And get this: we’re familiar with the culture of asking for review copies and we’re fine with it so that’s why we’re offering INFINITE review copies at an OH-SO-YUMMY price of $9.99! No more “Plz can I have a review copy?” LOL. The only requirement is that you post a review-copy once we sent you the first reports!

    For bulk orders:

    • 2-3 sites: 14$ each
    • 4-6 sites: 13$ each
    • 7-9 sites: 12$ each
    • 10-12 sites: 11 $ each
    • 13 sites+: 10$ each

    Can I have reviews before actually buying the services?

    Please check out our [ame=""]content-page creation service[/ame] for lots of reviews of our SEO services. Furthermore, check out the upcoming reviews in this thread.

    How to order:

    Just drop us a PM here or send us an email to orders [at] duoblogger [dot] com and we’ll get right back at you.

    To get started: 3 free review copies for the first customers.

    .................................................. .................................................. ........................................
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanial View Post
    I guess, I am the first customer
    Yes. you are eligible for a free review copy. Please send me the site details and keywords you want to track the performance. Thanks.
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    Hi Nathanial, we've received your keyword list and website url. You will be receiving weekly reports to the given email for two months.

    2 More Free Review Copies.
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