i would like to sell premium Filesonic by Upgrade your email account to Premium by Plan you chose. Of course this is by my earning from PPD. So your account is legit.

This is their Price for Upgrade to Premium.

1 Month - 5$
3 Months - $13.89
6 Months - $19.44
1 Year - $30.55
Lifetime - $82.77

I'm just selling account about 80% their price, which mean:
If you chose 1 Year you just paid for me $30.55 * 80% = $24.44/year

and i happy to give you back $2 for your nice and honest with me.

Please contact me by Phone +84906351990
I would like if you use English or Vietnamese to enjoy our conversation.
My Y!M: xuantiep.pham
Email: xuantiep.pham@yahoo.com

Thank for read, and i happy to serve you.