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Thread: Social bookmarking submissions

  1. Social bookmarking submissions

    Anyone here provides social bookmarking submission services?

    Please post below your prices, references and description of the service, thanks!

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    I offer social book marekting serivce.

    Social bookmarking service:

    Search engines like Google love social bookmarking sites because they represent large databases of useful links all voted on by humans. If people find the submitted link useful, they will vote the link up to bring it above the rest of the pack. This will give the link more exposure and increased visits.

    To Order send me the following details:

    2. URL
    3. Description
    4. Keywords
    5. Categories (you wish your site should be submitted to)
    6. Your Name
    7. Your email id to which report needs to be sent after completion of order

    Price Details

    1. 50 Submissions - $12
    2. 100 Submissions - $24


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    Thoran once your done with DomainMagnate please pm me I am interested if these are social sites and not pligg style sites.

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  5. Ash I just ordered one but your site not working. Shows an error after payment and there is no place to enter the details
    Sorry, but the page you are looking for is not found

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    Have you had any positive results submitting your site/s to Pligg, PHPDug or Scuttle type sites? I had tried this but didnt have anything good come from it. Figured with the market saturation of these sites they dont stick around long. Though I cant this for sure was only thinking it since it didnt work out for me. Just curious if it works for others and if I should try it again with a different style site.

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    Error fixed MG.

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    check this out : Our Service | Top 10 Optimizer - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service
    100 + social bookmark just: $19.99
    if only need 50 social bookmark then it will be $10

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Ash View Post
    Error fixed MG.
    lots of details there too! basically you'd just the url and that's it, the rest can be copied from the site.

    I dunno maybe others like adding all these details, but frankly I find that most annoying when I need to spend 15 min to fill a form for a small order

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