Hey Guys - not been here for a while

Okay, I am looking for buy social bookmarking for 2 sites, but I am quite specific on what I want, here it is:

YOU will need to be able to create accounts of 120+ social bookmarking websites.

1) I will provide the website details (2 sites)

2) You will visit each website, and pick 2 recent posts

3) You will then bookmark those 2 posts to 30 bookmarking sites each - 60 bookmarks total - HOWEVER each URL will be bookmarked from a FRESH set of accounts.

For example http://site.com/post-url1 gets 30 bookmarks with fresh accounts

http://site.com/post-url2 gets 30 bookmarks with fresh accounts

The the same for the 2nd site

So this will mean 4 URLs bookmarked to 30 sites each, and all 4 URLs get their own set of bookmarking accounts.

You will also have to spin the title and description for each URL yourself (not asking for much am I?!) as we are too busy, lol

Each 30 submissions will have to be on a different sites to the other 30 - so 120 sites in total.

If you can do this, then I will pay $45 (probably suits someone that has bookmarking demon or something!)

PM me if this is something that you can do!

PM me if this is something that you can do!