You would have seen lot many people offering Social Bookmarking service. And so the competition is real good in here. Also, I hope I need not go into more detail regarding how it works and stuffs of that sort.

Pricing :- Only $3 for 100 Social Bookmarks

Below are the available packages : -

1- 100 SB for 5 Sites :- $15
2- 100 SB for 10 Sites :-$25 You save $5
3- 100 SB for 50 Sites :- $125 You save $25

4- 200 SB for 5 Sites :-$30
5- 200 SB for 10 Sites :-$50You save $10
6- 200 SB for 50 Sites :-$250You save $50

Choose one of the packages, and pm me your site's URL, keywords and descrtiption.
Upon completion of the work, I'll be sending you its report which will be with actual link to the bookmarks (you may use it for pinging and other such things)

NOTE : If it's a bulk order, we can create special social bookmarking accounts especially for your sites.