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    Spanish Short Text


    I need a couple of phrases translated into Spanish from English.
    Actually, I can run the source in Google Translate but need a native Speaker
    to correct grammar and spelling and make sense of the output.

    As I am translating a web page and I somtimes find forgotten items which need translation, too. So, in the first round I will give you the text I know, but you should be prepared to help out when few newly discovered System messages need translation.

    For the follow-up translation I would like to work by means of MSN, ICQ, or Gtalk. This is a very small project (despite my long explanation) constisting of about 300 words (estimated).

    Spanish web masters or native Spanish Netbuilders please let me know your rates.



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    I am still looking for someone who is fluent in Spanish to "translate" about 250 word by ironing the output of Google Translate.

    This is an easy job It can be done in a couple of minutes!

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