Do you need articles which are not only SEO optimized but also interesting to read?

Are you looking for quality articles without overstretching your budget?

Do you want to work with someone who can follow strict deadlines?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, you have come to the right place. I am not your regular writer, who is working at dirt cheap price just to create something which is stuffed with keywords, taking content from other sites and just rewriting them. I take each assignment with equal interest, I believe in researching the subject which I am writing on. My mission is not only to impress Google with keywords, but also to be liked by my end readers. After all, what is the use of a website which generates loads of traffic but isn’t able to develop genuine interest in the visitors. Posting interesting articles on your website not only helps in developing end user’s loyalty, but it also helps your site in being ranked higher by Google. How? This is because Google not only considers the number of visitors on our website, but it also sees how much time an avg. Visitor spends on yours site, how many people have bookmarked you, how many people are returning back after their first visit, How many others site are linking to your site, etc. Thus, it definitely pays to have interesting and informative content on your website.

Who am I: I am freelance article writer. My hobby is only reading and writing. My favorite niches are – Beauty and Health, Environment etc. However I am also open to other niches, Never worry about whether the niche you require can be handled or not. Just order!
My Price: I am new in this forum and I am here with a great offer

Here are my packages which is really just getting people excited.

Special Package

No.1) Package
15 articles for $68 only (Each article will be 500 words long.)

No.2) Package
15 articles for $42 only (Each article will be 300 words long.)
IF you need more, you can always contact me through pm or mail.

Basic Package
Only $0.01 cent per word.
100 words = $1
200 words = $2
300 words = $3
400 words = $4
500 words = $5 and so on....

My all articles are 100% guaranteed unique articles which will only sold once. Well-written, meaningful, and offer value to readers and it goes without saying that they will pass Copyscape.
The buyer will get full right of the articles.

These are special prices with this package; you may not be able to get me at these prices in future.

Why am I willing to work so cheap?
You may have this question in mind, thinking that if this guy is as great as he says why is he working at such a ridiculous price?? Well, as I said, I am new to NETBUILDERS forum and just trying to establish myself. Though I am willing to work at a low price, I hope to get something which is the greatest asset for Me as a freelancer; good reviews and an opportunity to build a network with clients.

When you give me your orders, please give some important details such as:
You can send me a direct message or a email with the following details
Your Name
Email Address (Where we can send you the articles)
Number of articles
Special Package /Basic Package
Number of Words per Article
Additional Specifications

I would love to have a chat with you on Gtalk - ibm893@gmail.com If you want to give detailed instructions and discuss about the structure of your article. Believe me - You will only easy my work by doing this.

The articles will be delivered in about 2-4 days depending on how many articles you orders.

Payment method: PayPal only (Advance). The work will start after payment.

Review copies?
Sorry, I am not offering any review copies.
To see sample mail me.

To contact Me - You can mail me at ibm893@gmail.com

So why are you waiting for? Book your orders now!


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