Hi Netbuilders!

Holidays are just around the corner and I have thought to offer a Squidoo Lens Holiday Creation Promo that would help you in your promotion campaign.

What you will get:

1. One (1) 200-250 article
1.1 An article based on your keyword (keyword optimized article)
1.2 Well-written, informative, and unique

2. Up to three (3) links pointing back to your site

3. Minimum of 4 Modules to be used so that it will be featured in Squidoo.com

4. With Relevant Images (Flickr) and Videos

5. Account will be yours to keep.

How much? All of these for a mere $10 only

I know you like discounts! So, to be fair with my regular clients that have purchased my service before such as Do Follow Social Bookmarking at least 2x, you are entitled for a $2 discount.So you will be getting this service for $8 only!

For new customers, purchase at least 2 squidoo lens creation and the succeeding purchase of squidoo lens will be $2 discount.

This won't be the only affordable service that I will be offering, lots will come in the future so become my REGULAR CLIENT and avail other discounts from any service that I will be offering soon. I care for my regular customers ya' know!

To ensure the quality of work, I will only accept maximum of 10 orders at a time. Meaning, I will finish those ten orders first before accepting a new batch of orders.

Estimated turnaround time will be 1-5 days; orders will be processed in sequence so if your order is 1st or 2nd in the job queue, you can have your lens approximately within a day.

I need the following details:
1. URL (up to three)
2. keyword/Anchor text (up to two)

Choose "Personal Payments" when sending the payment to avoid deductions because it's only a fair amount money.