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Thread: Squidoo Lenses creation Starting from $7 Cheapest Rates Ever !

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    Thumbs up Squidoo Lenses creation Starting from $7 Cheapest Rates Ever !

    Squidoo Lens Creation is one of the most hailed SEO techniques today. The thriving and beneficial online community that is Squidoo makes a lot of things possible for your products and services and website – from giving them the needed boost in page ranks to having them promoted by other people you didn’t even have to pay.
    Also, Squidoo Lens creation would give your website a better chance of being ranked better. This is because Squidoo is used by search engine listings to generate their results and provide back links to your website.

    I am Offering valuable Squidoo lenses for $7 from selected packages.
    Both Packages got following Characteristics :
    Having 500 words of uniquely generated content only for you.
    Anchor text based permanent back links
    Advanced HTML coding just to boost lens attractiveness
    Images, videos, content, and many extra modules.
    Eye catching hyperlink pointing your money site.
    Highly optimized page for search engines.
    Free submission to web2.0 listings.
    Pinging to all top Ping services.
    Transfer of Squidoo lens to your own profile after everything done.
    100 anchor Back-links for every lens. (Complete report as well)

    Golden Pack ! @ $42
    6 Squidoo Lenses having above stated characteristics:

    Platinum Package ! @ $77
    12 Squidoo Lenses having above stated characteristics:

    *See my Portfolio Here.*

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    *Here are Some Testimonials !*

    ---Quote (Originally by svirk)---
    I have ordered 2 extra loaded squidoo lenses some mints ago. Paid him the money. Lets see the results.
    I hope it will be nice to see the outcome. I will give an actual review for his services after turnaround.

    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by DoDo Me)---
    The first sample lens is this guy created for me (however, I add something after he create)
    he creates good lens, recommend.
    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by svirk)---
    hi there,
    Writing my honest review on his squidoo service.
    I recently got 1st lens done by master_mian. I am satisfied with his turnaround and quality of squidoo work. I personally know how to work with Squidoo lenses professionally. But don't have time to tackle with all these technicalities. I truly recommend his service. Got 1 lens and after getting 2nd one i have many more to outsource him. here is what i got.
    Would you like Sharing Time With Colleagues

    God bless you guys.
    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by topseos)---
    We frequently use this service and are very satisfied by his work.
    They have professional attitude towards work.
    Their prices are very reasonable and worth every penny.
    We recommend this to all.
    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by submitterserve)---
    Very satisfied by his work. Great piece of work.
    ---End Quote---

    ---Quote (Originally by Vebtools)---
    Got a set of 5 lenses, I am inspired of his efforts. Just finding the next order data to send. Recommended guy for squidoo and hub's link building. I will work with him in future as well. Nice Squidoo Giant.
    ---End Quote---

    *Read Notes Please :*
    If you need tailor-made package PM me Please.
    Not available for Adult, Bingo, Poker or other ristricted Niches.
    Payments are upfront only
    Moneybookers all warmly accepted, PayPal also
    PM me now to avail your package. Or contact directly MasterMian (at) Gmail com
    I am looking bulk orders, will offer huge discounts.

    Thanks For your Time.

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    If you are in First 5 Clients, then you will get fabulous discounted offer.
    PM ME NOW !
    Come on Guys !

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