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strong building sites creation like, etc to get quality in-content backlinks to your site . 10 Unique Articles are created based on your keywords and each article is used to build your very own powerlinks property on these following sites:


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# 350-500 Words unique content

# Modules from 1 - 4

# loaded with images, videos.

After that i would be added 20 backlinks for EACH of the 10 Sites. Totally around 200 backlinks. Its totally free for you.

Turn Arround time: 7 days

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After completion i have submitted to you follwoing report:

Comprehensive report , Accounts on all 10 sites with email used to create these profiles, 10 Articles in .doc files(You can use rewrite them).

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10 strong building sites creation = $20 each = 10 x $20 = $200

10 sites backlinks adding = $3 each = 10 x $3 = $30

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Remind You --> Primary keywords usage, topic related images, video, add modules and 20 backlinks thats helps you getting to be good page rank for your site.

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