I'm selling traffic interested in your ads (100% Adsense safe). There's a very high probability visitors will click one of your ads.

CTR is about 30% in my experience. Feedback regarding CTR is highly appreciated.

100 world wide unique visitors - $5
100 geo targeted unique visitors - $10

(Paypal, Moneybookers)

The traffic is highly targeted based on the Keywords and Description.
For GEO you may specify visitors from which country/countries to be offered to you.
Visitors originate from a very large network of different unique sites.

* Only English content websites.
* Don't use it as your only source of traffic, because CTR is too high (safety first). For 500+ uv bought i can also provide safe views to keep a low CTR if needed.
* No more than 1000 uv/month (safety again). On my own site i use 3000-3300 uv/month, but i increased the number slowly, month by month for almost a year now.