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Thread: Top Quality Article Submission - Indexing Guaranteed!

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    Top Quality Article Submission - Indexing Guaranteed!

    Top Quality Article Submission - Indexing Guaranteed!

    Hello to all,

    I would like to offer a top quality article submission package. No mass spam, no duplicated content and no thousands of articles submitted by software!

    Major points:
    • Submission to 20 TOP quality article directories (2xPR7, 2xPR6, 4xPR5, 5xPR4, 5xPR3, 2xPR2, 1xPR0)
    • I dont guarantee only approval; I guarantee that at least 15 of them will be INDEXED by google in a period of 15 days - naturally, not by pinging or other spam techniques.
    • Squidoo Lense & HubPages creation included
    • Permanent links as only top quality directories are chosen.

    Articles quality:
    Articles will be written with perfect english without mistakes. For some submissions will be used spin ready articles but manually written with many combinations. Proof for quality is 100% approval rate and almost 100% indexing rate.

    Article directories:

    HubPages (PR5) -
    20 Hubpages already submitted, 1year old member with rank varying from 80 to 85 out of 100!

    Squidoo (PR7)
    member with 25 featured lenses already!

    ArticleSlash (PR6) -
    In the top100 authors list of this directory, 130+ published articles!

    Zimbio (PR6) -
    100+ published articles!

    SooperArticles (PR5) -
    In the top50 authors list! 200+ published articles

    That are just few of the places where I will submit your articles, others are (PR7), (PR5), (PR5), ideamarketers, goarticles, articleblast, articlesfactory...

    I dont want to spam here with all the profile URL addresses but on your demand I will send you a full list of my profiles to check quality!

    What you should expect:
    Honestly, direct traffic will not be so high. What you should expect and what will happen for sure is improvement of google positions! I do this packages for my clients (SEO is what I do) and it works.

    I guarantee positions on google will jump - for how many positions that depends on current positions and competition level also!

    Payment info:
    - $25 on paypal or MB ($10 in advance and $15 after the job is done and report sent)

    To order a package you should mail me with details below:
    - 2 targeted URL addresses with 2 anchor texts
    - topic title suggestions (optional)

    Delivery time:
    4 to 7 days because everything is done manually!

    skype: m2-webs
    gtalk: m2webss

    Feel free to mail me for any further info or questions you have. I can send you sample reports, all the urls of profiles on article directories etc...

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    I'd like to see some examples. Please PM

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