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Thread: Traffic For cheap!

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    Traffic For cheap!

    Worldwide Traffic Plans( UV - Unique Visitors)
    Worldwide plans consist of visitors from around the world. UV means they are unique visitors based on thier IP.

    Nickel Plan: 5000 UV = $7.00
    Zinc Plan: 10,000 UV = $9.00
    Cobalt Plan: 20,000 UV = $14.00
    Copper Plan: 30,000 UV = $19.00
    Silver Plan: 50,000 UV = $29.00
    Titanium Plan: 70,000 UV = $39.00
    Gold Plan: 100,000 UV = $50.00
    Treasure Plan: 150,000 UV = $70.00

    Country Targeted Traffic Plans (Shared)
    In shared plans you will get visits only from your chosen country. Other worldwide orders on the system will also be receiving visits from the same country. Thus the number of visits will be less per day and your order will take longer to finish.

    Nickel Plan CS: 5000 UV = $7.00
    Zinc Plan CS: 10,000 UV = $12.00
    Cobalt Plan CS: 20,000 UV = $20.00
    Copper Plan CS: 30,000 UV = $30.00
    Silver Plan CS: 50,000 UV = $45.00
    Titanium Plan CS: 70,000 UV = $58.00
    Gold Plan CS: 100,000 UV = $75.00
    Treasure Plan CS: 150,000 UV = $100.00

    Traffic available from the following countries:

    United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, China, Italy, Netherlands, Sweeden, Australia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Russian Federation, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Norway, finland, Slovenia, Turkey, Korea, greece, India, Japan, thialand, Ukraine, New Zeeland, Romaina, Bulgaria, Argentina, Hungary, Slovakia, Mexico, Malaysia, Latvia, Taiwan, Israel, Taiwan, Israel, Iceland, Indoneisa, Chile, Philipines, Hongkong, colombia, South Africa, Iran, Moroco, Peru, Lithuana, Egypt, Estonia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Singapore, Croatia, Pakistan, CostaRica, Belarus, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, VietNam, Puerto Rico, Andorra, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Srilanka, Malta, Cyprus, and more...
    All this prices are the same as if you go threw the site. Click Here Any questions feel free to ask. PM before purchasing and i might have a coupon for a cheaper rate.

    In the PM let me know the fallowing:
    paypal email you will use

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    Dam !! Will It really work ?? Is this traffic genuine or fake ? or accidentally sent ?

    If this works , I would like to go with it
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    I never had much success, the people will come but they won't be interested in most sites, not sure where they find them from. Looks like some sort of lame traffic source, but maybe review will say differently.

    If you've got any free reviews and wanna try to change my mind, feel free to PM me
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