you have a lot of PLR? and want to make blogpost with that PLR?
give it to me and i will make it for you just for $10/500 plr article
so if you have 1000 plr and want to make it into blogpost
the price is $20
this service only for Wordpress

i will give review copy to 2 person(i trader must more then 5) with discount 50% ($5/500 plr article)

Domain + Host from you.

you must send me :
1. your PLR
2. schedule interval
3. what date do you want to start
3. You want me to installed to your wordpress (i charge $1/blogs) or just SQL version that you must import it to the blogs
4. use read more or not
5. Give tags or leave it blank?

I will not distribute your PLR.
if you want me to installed that blogpost to your site, you must send me your hosting information so i can import it to your site
if you don't want to order 500 plr PM me... but minimum order is 50 plr