I would like to offer my services creating new Twitter accounts.

These Twitter accounts will be created on a variety of IP's, all with realistic names. Though, they will not include photos or bios. I'm requesting Paypal as method of payment, and the prices are:

$7.50 for 75 Twitter accounts
$14.50 for 150 Twitter accounts

For those looking to buy Twitter accounts, most likely you already have a plan on how to use them. If not, here's a thought...

You can set up affiliate rss feeds that make automatic posts to these Twitter accounts. You can get the affiliate feed directly from the company you are promoting, or create an Amazon or Clickbank affiliate feed from rssfeedsgenerator.com. Then use free services such as TwitterFeed.com or Hootsuite.com to direct the affiliate feed to your Twitter account creating automatic daily posts. To manage your followers, you can get free software such as TwiPing which even allows you to use a proxy for managing.

I'll check back at least once a day for new orders and questions. Looking forward to doing business with you!