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Thread: Ultimate Linkwheel Package @ Minimal $9-10

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    Ultimate Linkwheel Package @ Minimal $9-10

    Purchase the Ultimate Linkwheel Package, and here's what you'll get:

    Link Wheel

    I will distribute your article to:
    • will link to, will link to etc (in a wheel). This is a classic link wheel. Nothing funny here. Tried and true.

    Turn Around

    I will ensure that your order is complete within 48 hours. I have been known to get them done within as little as an hour.


    I will do all of this for a minimal $10! Order 5 2 or more packages, and you will get a 10% discount. That's $9 per package.

    What I Need
    • An article that is at least 200 words long.
    • A list of up to 2 pages that you would like me to link build.

    How This Will Help

    • This will help you to rank higher for your targeted keyword(s).
    • This will drive traffic to your website, which if your keyword is good enough... should help you to produce much more than what you have paid for this service!

    Testimonials From Net Builders (Unchanged)
    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    Got the report, very quick and nice work.

    Certainly recommendable, reliable and cost effective services.

    Charles not giving iTrade as it will not count (because I have already given you for our previous deal)

    Good luck

    Quote Originally Posted by elbandelero View Post
    The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for a great job. Payment Sent.

    Charles is someone I've known on Netbuilders since we both joined (maybe 9months?). In the past he's asked me to write articles for him, and I've emailed him for advice on SEO and promoting websites. I've never had a reason to doubt Charles' integrity or knowledge, so of course I was keen to see how this new service works out.

    I sent my order while Charles was asleep, then when he replied I was asleep, global time differences can be a bitch. Anyway he woke to good news about an order, I woke to good news it had all been done. So, honestly I can't comment on how quick the service is, I just know it was done when I woke up.

    I didn't just get one message from Charles, I got 3. The first was a confirmation he'd received my order, the second was a status update, and then the third was a report that everything was complete. That is good service. If I'd been awake, I would really appreciate those and a lot of people in this marketplace could learn a lot about customer service from copying Charles.

    True to his word, Charles created 5 sites for the page I want to promote, and he's submitted my article to iSnare. I could have done all of this myself, but you know what, I don't have the time, and $10 is VERY affordable, and Charles speaks English as a native, so he understands instructions. In this kind of work, it's very rare to be dealing with a native speaker, and in my particular situation I need to know my instructions are understood.

    BTW Charles, I think you could also offer an additional service on Squidoo/Hubpages; offer to add more content and turn those pages into little powerhouses.
    Testimonials From Digital Point (Unchanged)

    Well, I contacted the OP around 8:30 to see if he would grant me a review pack. By 8:45 we had exchanged info and I assume he started. I get him the article at 10:00. 45 minutes later, at 10:45, the job is done and the report is in my mailbox. It's simple and sweet and he gives exactly what he said he would. I can't say about 1000 article submission cause it takes a week or so he said.

    Overall 10/10.
    ok, this guy is ultra fast, within minutes after sending my article he has done the job.
    my blogs are online, the approval time for the article takes time, but thats not his
    issue. concerning the effects of this nothing can be told by time, thats clear, so, I
    can only rate the service itself:

    10/10 (dont know what to critize)
    This guy is fast. I paid, sent the article and I stepped away from my computer for a couple of hours and as far as I can tell he had it done in like 15 minutes. Thanks for the fast work and great deal.
    Very impressed with the quality and speed of work completed by clookid! The project took about 30 - 45 minutes and the quality of the pages were much, much better than expected.

    Upon completion he sent me a full report of all the linkwheel pages that he built and even went so far as to use my spun articles so that each page had unique content. I will be ordering more for sure! Should also mention that I have done a lot of research on the linkwheel services being offered here in DP and this is by far the cheapest price I have found.

    p.s. In the middle of my order clookid received a 7 day ban for a minor bumping infraction. This never slowed down the process a single bit, he continued to work away and I can't wait to see him back here next week!
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    interested ...
    how abt the article ? can u write me a property article (with fees) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    interested ...
    how abt the article ? can u write me a property article (with fees) ?
    I can arrange for an article to be written for an additional fee of $5.

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