It’s been proven that successful websites have a massive amount of inbound links. These links come from various types of websites, and many many different kinds of websites. Simply put, the more authority websites pointing to yours, the higher yours will rank in the search engines.

One way link building is the best form of link building there is. One way means that it isn’t a reciprocal link, there is only a link coming in to your website, not going out. If done properly and naturally, it can drastically increase your rank, which will ultimately get you the traffic your site needs.

My All-in-one package will solve all of your needs. This package is designed to give your website the ultimate boost, no matter how old or new it is. The following is what is included in the package.

  1. Web 2.0 Blogs with a unique article, a video and photos
    (articles are Copyscape passed, unique, includes your keywords, links to your main site)

    - Wordpress (Pagerank 9, Alexa 12)
    - Vox (Pagerank 9, Alexa 1,724)
    - Blogger (Pagerank 8, Alexa 8 )
    - Live.Journal (Pagerank 8, Alexa 89)
    - Xanga (Pagerank 7, Alexa 435)
    - Jimdo (Pagerank 7, Alexa 3382)
    - Scribd (Pagerank 7, Alexa 165)
    - Multiply (Pagerank 7, Alexa 167)
    - Wetpaint (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2041)
    - Tumblr (Pagerank 7, Alexa 477)
    - Squidoo (Pagerank 6, Alexa 523)
    - Hubpages (Pagerank 6, Alexa 504)
    - Zimbio (Pagerank 6, Alexa 528)
    - Blinkweb (Pagerank 4, Alexa 41159)

    Extra Posts on:
    - Google Sites (Pagerank 8, Alexa 1)
    - Live Spaces (Pagerank 7, Alexa 4)
    - Gather (Pagerank 6, Alexa 8742)
    - Clearblogs (Pagerank 5, Alexa 40614)

    I will rewrite the unique article 18 times. Every Web 2.0 pages will have a different article. There will be 3 links in each article.

    1. Link to your main site
    2. Link to one of the Web 2.0 pages
    3. Another link to one of the Web 2.0 pages

    By linking the Web 2.0 pages, you’re creating a network of small sites all referring to each other and to your main site. The impact on the search engines will be more powerful.
  2. RSS Feed Directories
    (Every single Web 2.0 blog has a RSS Feed)

    Bloglines NewsGator Technorati
    MyYahoo FeedBurner Boing Boing
    MoreOver BlogPulse
    Cocolog-Nifty BlogRolling Feedagg
    Weblogs IceRocket BlogCatalog
    BlogTopList Pingomatic BlogCritics
    Thingamablog Weblogalot Weblogs
    BlogPeople Blogdex BlogDigger
    BlogBot CoreBlog
    PubSub Syndic8 Newisfree
    RootBlog SnipSnap Yenra
    BlogRoots BlogSnow CataPings
    Complete RSS Feedplex Feeds4All
    FeedsFarm NewsIsFree Blogorama
    Pressradar Bitacoles
    Amagle Blogoole Feed24
    NewzFire BlogBuzzMachine PopDex
    ImBlogs MyBlog LaserMemory

    There will be 57 RSS Feed URL’s (including your main site) to submit. Take a look at the list of the Web 2.0 Directories from until Blinkweb, these are blogs/landing pages with a RSS Feed. Example:


    Such URL’s will be manually submitted to every single RSS Directory.
    That means, for EVERY SINGLE Web 2.0 RSS Feed –> 57 Submissions to very powerful RSS Directories.
  3. Video Directories

    1. Youtube (Pagerank 9, Alexa 3)
    2. FaceBook (Pagerank 9, Alexa 5)
    3. Vimeo (Pagerank 8, Alexa 543)
    4. Photobucket (Pagerank 8, Alexa 38)
    5. Dailymotion (Pagerank 7, Alexa 68)
    6. Blip (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2650)
    7. Yahoo (Pagerank 7, Alexa 2)
    8. Veoh (Pagerank 7, Alexa 145)
    9. Viddler (Pagerank 6, Alexa 3192)
    10. Revver (Pagerank 6, Alexa 2415)
    11. Sclipo (Pagerank 5, Alexa 61636)
    12. Vsocial (Pagerank 5, Alexa 104449)
    13. Howcast (Pagerank 4, Alexa 13171)

    I’ll create a short video 30 seconds long. In the description of the video, i’ll add the link to your main site. This is just for a backlink.
    (The video will also be posted on the Web 2.0 pages to make it look more attractive)
  4. Article Directories
    A fresh new unique article will be used on the following article directories:

    - (Pagerank 6, Alexa 203)
    - GoArticles (Pagerank 5, Alexa 5294)
    - ArticlesBase (Pagerank 6, Alexa 938)
    - Searchwarp (Pagerank 5, Alexa 6719)
    - Article Dashboard (Pagerank 5, Alexa 7413)
    - Article City (Pagerank 5, Alexa 19664)
    - Article Alley(Pagerank 4, Alexa 33745)
    - Article Snatch (Pagerank 3, Alexa 33745)

    I will rewrite a unique article 8 times about your topic. Every single article directory will have a unique article. Please have patience with the article directories when you order my service, it could take a while before the articles get approved.

Turnaround Time:

After you decided to take advantage of my service, I will inform you about a deadline. It won’t take longer than 14 days.

Extra Info:

  • All the Web 2.0 pages will contain nice topic related photos and videos
  • Per client, 2 unique article will be written. One of the articles is for the Web 2.0 pages and the other one for the article directories. Both of them will be rewritten several times
  • When the work is done, you’ll receive a report from me with all the url’s, usernames and passwords
  • Totally Organic and Google Friendly

Price: $180


Originally Posted by CanSpace
Well... this is quite simply the best service I have purchased on DigitalPoint so far... by leaps and bounds. In fact it is probably the best service I have ever purchased online period. And I am not one for exaggeration... feel free to read my previous threads.

I really don't even know where to begin with this review. I've been given an enormous excel spreadsheet with unique sites on Blogspot, LiveJournal, Squidoo, Vox, Wordpress, Wetpaint, Multiply, Easyjournal, Ning, Yola, Hubpages, Blinkweb, Zimbio, Virb, Google Sites, Bloglines,, Weebly and more. And to be honest EACH site in itself could easily be worth the money I paid. The sites are not identical either, they are all unique websites, each completely dedicated to our niche. And you can clearly tell the content is not just machine-spun, EACH individual site is VERY well done and properly linked. They all have relevant images and even videos... and of course a good deal of content.

A video was made and posted to Youtube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Photobucket, Viddler, Revver, Howcast, Yahoo, Metacafe, Veoh, Vimeo, Sclipo, Facebook, Vsocial and other sites, and relevant content and keywords added to the video. Once again, this video in itself was worth the money I paid. VERY professionally done... in fact the video itself is something I would consider using in our own promotional material.

And a VERY well done article was written and posted to a ton of article directories with links provided. I'm not going to type them all out, because my hands are starting to get tired of creating all these lists. But once again, the article itself was worth the money I paid for this service. You can tell that the OP is a 'professional' writer, and the article was full of relevant keywords and a very good read.

The work was done in the exact amount of time specified after I sent payment. It's very annoying when someone tells you 6-8 days and you don't hear from them for weeks. The OP however was very punctual, and communication was great. He was also a hard worker. I made a request that involved going back and changing every single site and the OP went ahead and did just that. Excellent service.

Overall the service was EXCELLENT and I have no doubt it will give us a drastic boost. This is the FIRST place I will come to in the future when looking for site promotion.

If you would like to purchase this, please pm me and I will send you everything I need from you.