If anyone has VBulletin powered forums that need any help, let me know.

I can teach you:
How to utilize default VBulletin options and features.
Basic FTP usage.
How to stop spam bots and spammers.
How to customize your forums.
How to install modifications, hacks, and add-ons.
General tips and advice.
Help with general issues and problems.

And if you're less interested in learning, and would prefer I just do whatever you need, that is an option as well.

I really don't charge for anything. If you would like to donate any money (any amount) then that is ok, but it is optional. All donations go towards paying for my site costs and repaying the person who taught me.

I am by no means a true expert. There is still much I need to learn. I'd say my skills and knowledge would be classified as "intermediate". If I do not know something, I might know someone who does, or where to find the answer.

I'm available by MSN, AIM, my site, or PM's here. I started off with 0 knowledge, so do not be shy about being a "noob" or beginner.

I do not write huge hacks/mods yet, but if there is something minor, I may be able to do it.

If there's anything else you need to know, ask me and I'll add it here for everyone's reference.