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Thread: vBulletin / WordPress / Cheap Services

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    Wink vBulletin / WordPress / Cheap Services

    Hello there NetBuilders,

    Here I come with this offer only for you.

    I offer all my WordPress and vBulletin services for cheap prices. I'm very experienced in both of them and can do most kind of works.

    If you need any WP or VB service drop me a PM and I'll hit you back with a quote (cheap) and timeline.

    You can ask questions in this thread on any inquiry you might have.

    I'm giving out 1 Free Review Copy with any service you need! The first to PM or asnwer here gets it.


    WordPress: TwoEntrepreneurs - Starting it off right
    vBulletin: / (all forums I've worked on are down, haven't worked on vB lately)

    Thanks a lot,

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    Redmond, Oregon
    Are you able to integrate a html design into wordpress? I have two sites in my signature I would like to have wordpress integrated into

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

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    I've never tried that before. Can't do it for now. Maybe if I find some time I'll learn how it's done and help you.


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    Just wanted to let you know that the FREE Review Copy is still availiable!

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    Would really like to have a survey (questionnaire) to put on wordpress or to put into an html page - prefer it to be a database accessible so we can go into it and do quick calculations on totals, percentages, etc.

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    Arlind, just wanted to see if you read my post above?

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    Hey, sorry for not answering.

    It's some days I'm not online here. I don't quite understand what you mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlind View Post
    Hey, sorry for not answering.

    It's some days I'm not online here. I don't quite understand what you mean
    OK, thanks.

    A questionairre similar to this SEM survey but I would like the data accessable so that I can add up all the answers and get percentages.

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    I can do that on Wordpress.

    PM me your MSN so can can settle this faster.

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    Shawn, I still haven't got an answer from you.

    I'm free to work if you're interested

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