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Thread: Video Recording Service - Read This! :P

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    Video Recording Service - Read This! :P

    Hello everyone!

    I need a piece of content of mine converted into a video. All you would need to do is turn on your video camera or webcam and read the post. You don't need to do anything fancy or do any real editing. Just record yourself reading the post as if you were having a friendly conversation with someone - speak clearly and slowly enough so that you can be understood.

    Make sure the video looks good.
    It doesn't need to be professional, but it needs to look 'good'.

    You'll be reading text that totals about 606 words. (Likely will be even less.)
    This should not take very long at all! The task is easy.

    Why am I not doing it?
    Well, I don't have any video recording equipment! (Sad, I know.)

    Let me know when you could do it, how long it will take, and how much you'll charge.

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    i can b helpful to u in ur task. if u really dnt need anything fancy then it would cost you $100 as am trying to establish myself else in any case had nt charged less than $200 if interested you can contact me through my email id -

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    Kovich try this netbuilders guy if you did not finish this task

    You can see his work here.
    [ame=""]YouTube - 3 Hot Tips to Find Best Beginner Guitar Lesson Online[/ame]

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