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Thread: video submission needed

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    video submission needed

    I need my video which is about 42MB submitted to the top 20 or so video sites. I am looking to pay about $6. You must have your own accounts and know how to post the links int eh descriptions of the videos.

    Let me know

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    First off, no one tells experts what you will pay them for work. This venue is not a swap meet or garage sale. Most people don't have a clue about SEO or SEM. Getting great internet exposure takes lots of research and hundreds or thousands of hours to know what is most effective. Even so called experts don't have a clue on the most effective ways and different venues that can get people more exposure. I read and belong to many forums. Sometimes the info and recommendations I read is laughable.

    I am a search engine specialist and shoot website marketing videos. My videos are all over the web. And not just YouTube. I also have over 40 blogs with Google and WP. I have worked like a dog for over a year in this venue. With verifiable links all over the web.

    So the short of it is if you're like craigslist people, not willing to pay, you will be lucky to get the work done. Time is money. Every day you waste not being seen online, is possible money not going in your pocket. Bottom line. Good luck.

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