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Thread: Want to make guest posts (SEO/webmaster topics)

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    Want to make guest posts (SEO/webmaster topics)

    Just planning to make some quality guest posts to webmaster/SEO blogs with good traffic.

    I'd appreciate a backlink and credit at the end.

    The post may discuss some SEO concept or tips in 400-600 words.

    Please post your SEO/webmaster blog URLs here or PM me.

    SEO girl...

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    If you need backlinks you have my sites at your service.

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    You can feel free to write a post for my blog.

    URL: SEO Article Writing Tips
    For FREE tips, SEO tools and SEO article writing, visit SEOTopix today.

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    here i saw some useful posts, Just try here

    SEO tips

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    Not quite SEO/Webmaster, but the vast majority of my traffic is from webmasters!

    So if you're interested, here is my blog:
    Make Money Online | Running Online Business

    Let me know. =]

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