We are looking for programmers for PHP/MySQL programming. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript is required.
+ Curl and regex expertise vital. If you can't write the regex expression to parse URLs out of a file, this job is not for you.
+ Web languages, PHP, Javascript, Css. Html
+ Databases, Apache, MySQL
2. Some (not all) projects will be "adult" in nature, involving nudity or depictions of sexual acts. While your job will be writing code, you will have to build sites with this content. If you are not comfortable with seeing such projects, we understand, but we will NOT consider you for the position.
3. You must be near fluent in the English language.
- We will be describing the projects by text. You must create the flowcharts/design work
- There will be multiple programmers working on the projects. Your code must be well documented. Variable names must be clear and understandable.
- Misspellings are not acceptable
- Some of your work will be visible to the user/site visitor - parameters passed, string constants displayed, etc.
4. We need programmers, not just coders. You must have the skills to take a concept, develop a solution, and implement it. 5.
5. Weekly intern salary is 150 USD. No exceptions.
6. We need programmers able to work with pre-existing code, maintaining and extending. Your code must also be well documented so that others can work on these projects.
7. Please send your CV/Resume/Biodata/, including links to sites that you have worked on to:
# # #

We are working on various "bot" products. Requirements:
+ Use of Proxies/TOR
+ Parsing pages fetched to identify key forms, analyzing javascript and simulating page key-creation server side to emulate a human responding.
+ Parsing email for verification links
All aspects of web development need to be understood: design, css coding, programming, etc.
- An average of six to nine websites need to be built and maintained each year.
- Quality work is expected to be completed quickly and on time.
- Must be a self-starter, capable of working without supervision.
- Have a reliable PC and internet connection
- Weekly hours can range from 40 hours when programming or building a site ... to 5 hours per week when maintaining them. This is permanent work for the right person .