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Thread: We need help on SEO

  1. We need help on SEO

    We need some SEO experts to help us with our client websites:

    Finest Jewelry - Tungsten, Titanium, & Stainless Steel Jeweler, Rings & Wedding Bands

    Please PM me with your rate/plan


  2. Are you expecting a link building job? Like forum posting w/ backlinks? Web directories? Social bookmarks?

    Try to be specific. Cheers!

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    I offers various SEO services including forum posting based link building, social bookmarking submissions, article submissions, directory submissions and blog commenting. Please let me know if you are interested in hiring me.

    You can check my reviews on digitalpoint forum on my signature link.


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    Hello! If you want a link building service, then I can give you a free review copy for just one time, and we can discuss this later if you want.

    Game on!

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    Even if you could get visitors I would not expect many buyers. Your site is written poorly and no information on who you are. I would just assume that you would never see your order or it would be fake or low quality jewelry if you did.

    In other words, you don't look legit - at all.


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