Looking to improve your website? If your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, is failing to convert, or is simply not going any where, then it’s time to put your site to the test, and figure out what is wrong.

Items Covered:

* Navigation - Reduce confusion
* Use of hyperlinks - There is more to a link than simply taking you to another page
* Clear purpose of site - Get new visitors to understand your site in seconds, and immediately improve your websites effectiveness
* Forms - Improve the way visitors use them, improve conversions, improve sales
* Use of graphics - Improve SEO, improve your site for visually impaired, and improve your design
* Use of Headings - Most websites use heading tags incorrectly producing a poor experience for users, and poor search engine optimization
* Search capabilities
* Basic design concepts
* Site consistencies - Usability is greatly increased with high levels of consistencies throughout the site
* Standardization and accessibility
* And most likely things you never even thought of that can and will improve your website!

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