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Thread: WebDesigner for Logo and Color Schemes

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    WebDesigner for Logo and Color Schemes

    Title : WTH Writer + WebDesigner

    I'm planning to get into blog business. And I need 2 (or more) outsourcers.

    1) Writer
    I don't speak English very well.
    So, I need arround 15 to 40 articles per two weeks, about 2 or 3 subjects. The turnarround time must be respected ! I can send you subjects every Sunday but I must receive articles Wednesday and Friday (for example).
    I can't order articles right now, but to start I will order 15 articles the first week for arround $50 and you can expect after that 40 articles for less than $150 every 2 weeks.
    Budget: $75 a week (20 articles +350w)

    2) Designer
    I can custom WordPress themes. But I'm bad when I need to choose the color schemes and draw a logo. So I need a designer that choose color schemes and draw a logo (just a title with cool fonts) for me.
    Budget: $20 a week (1 logos + colors).

    Please send me a PM with your rates (n. of words), samples and email.

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    Our NB Thread:

    Our Site:

    CoreLogo - logo and graphic design

    We would be able to design a logo, and help out with other design related work.

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