Why Hire a Virtual Assistant When You Could Have Your OWN Marketing Butler?

Fully IM Trained University/College Graduates + Onsite American Project Manager + SEO Consultations/Analysis + Access To 6000$ Worth of Tools @ 35 Hours a Week = A Personalized Marketing Butler To Cater To YOUR Specific Online Needs

Warriors, there’s no time to make this a long copy.


Because this special offer LIMITED to 4 warriors (6 spots have been taken).

Each Warrior must meet these criteria to qualify for this special offer:

  • All ready be making money online (we will NOT accept anyone who doesn’t have a proven money making strategy – no exceptions).
  • Have read the full copy. (get the facts – NO BS).

Today I’m raising the bar for Virtual Assistants (known as VA’s).

I’m not offering you VA’s.

I’m offering MB’s – Marketing Butlers.

What’s the ‘Marketing Butler Edge’?

  • Highly Trained University/College Level Personnel (Available 35 Hours a Week)
  • Access to $6000+ of Resources (SEO Arsenal At Your Disposal As Our Client)
  • American Onsite Project Managers (Onsite Clocking System Ensures No Missed Hours!)
  • Direct Onsite Customer Support via Phone/Skype (Never wait days for an update)
  • Highly Competitive Pricing + Value (Nobody offers anywhere CLOSE to the level of service, support and quality that we provide)
  • + More (revealed in a bit)

With that being said … here’s what you need to know about your marketing Butler.

Every single MB is a college graduate from an internet marketing course at the local college (we’re located in the Philippines).

As the teachers of this course in exchange for providing our services we also get to interview all of the best students as potential employees for our company.

Those who are hired to work for our firm receive additional training directly at our offices.

By the end of our training each MB is trained in ALL of the following:

  • Market Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Suggestions
  • Site Building (Including proper structure + keywords)
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization (link building, SEO)
  • Drive Traffic (lot’s of strategies available such as forum marketing, social media and even video marketing).

Remember, we only hire the BEST students who have shown positive attitude, high aptitude and natural control of the English language (communication is KEY afterall).

Arguably, however, the biggest benefit of our training is when we teach them how to use over $6000+ of online marketing software.

What this means for you is simple.

Your MB Will Have Full Access + Training To ALL Of These Resources To Use On Your Sites/Projects:

  • SEnuke
  • Traffic Geyser
  • Rank Builder
  • Rapid Free Traffic
  • Magic Submitter
  • MAKO
  • TLKT
  • Synnd
  • Book Marking Demon
  • Keyword Results Analyzer Pro
  • Scrape Box
  • Article Marketing Demon
  • Scrape Board
  • Whitesmoke
  • FusionHQ
  • Market Samurai
  • The Best Spinner
  • Magic Niche Finder
  • SerpAssist
  • Unique Article Wizard
  • Fast Blog Finder
  • Web Content Studio

Just to name a few! Remember … all these come WITH your subscription (no extra fees)

Sound sweet? It is.

When you order your own MB here’s what YOU get:

  1. Customer Confidentiality! We cater towards internet marketers and are willing to sign disclosures to protect your business
  2. Next you get an in-depth SEO consultation/Analysis with our on site Project Manager/SEO specialist. This ALONE justifies the price
  3. You pick your MB from our pool of fully trained pre-qualified University/College graduates. Remember all MB’s come with minimum of 3 months experience, positive attitude & strong work ethics.
  4. Your MB receives the instructions, support and means to fully oversee, understand and execute your personalized SEO plan.
  5. Working 35 hours a week, 4 weeks every month with our MB’s you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that someone is building your business while you’re (let’s be honest here) enjoying the ‘lazyman’ benefits of a 4 hour work week.
  6. Choose from our arsenal of over $6000+ worth of resources ($1000 recurring monthly) which ALONE pays for your MB. Keeping in mind that your MB is trained and ready to unleash ALL this arsenal on your projects and sites.
  7. If your MB ever gets ‘stuck’ or is ‘uncertain’ what to do we have a team of support staff and supervisors to keep your projects progressing.
  8. This is the closest thing to your own ‘Marketing Butler’ which means someone who will work for you while understanding your business and ancipating it’s needs.
  9. Weekly support + instant contact with your project manager & MB. That means you’re always in the loop – stay connected.

Do You Think This Offer Could Improve Your Business?

I bet it could.

Chances are that you KNOW it could.

Because I’m so bold that this will DRAMATICALLY positively impact your business I’m offering you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with your MB you can opt for a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee (and even keep all the work we’ve done as our way of saying thanks for trying).

So you’ve truly got NOTHING to lose. (except the opportunity to successfully outsource your online work).

Keep in mind apart from everything listed above you also get these 3 EXCLUSIVE bonuses:

  1. Team of technicians to ensure that all operations continue without any downtime due to hardware/software issues.
  2. Multiple business internet connections to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.
  3. Specific catering to internet marketers … with IM industry level strategies, tools and techniques for building up your sites.

So honestly, why not let US grow your business while you sleep?

Hit the ground running with a fully trained VA and enjoy the world of benefits listed above

Next … price and payment:

First off a quick word again: not for newbies.

Must have a proven money maker otherwise this is a liability to hire on personnel and that’s not the cliental that we’re looking for.

Within 2 weeks we’re releasing our website (http://MarketingButlers.com) where we’ll sell these exact same VA’s for 800$ a piece.

Which I’m sure you’ll agree is a COMPLETE steal for these high end Marketing Butlers.

Needless to say, at that point this thread will NOT be valid anymore.

Right now this thread is valid for only the FIRST 10 people.

The FIRST 10 people will get a locked in price (that means it never changes) of 650$ per month for as long as they keep their VA’s (hell, even if you hire more you never pay more then 650$ per month per VA).

If you’re interested but can’t find the buy now button don’t hesitate.

Contact me directly, we’ll have a quick chat and see where we both stand.

At that point once we’ve both agreed I’ll send you the link to the buy now button for your VA.

You can get in touch directly at the following.
Skype = koncorps
MSN = teamkon@live.ca
Email = support@salesvideoshop.com

Remember … Limited to 10 people … Fully Trained College Graduate VA’s … On Site American Partner + Supervisors For Accountability … $6000+ Worth Of Tools & Software … 35 Hours Per Week For 650$ A Month … 100% Money Back Guarantee.