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Thread: wordpress custom search plugin

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    wordpress custom search plugin

    Looking for coder to create me custom search plugin for wp base project ....

    need more detail pls reply here or PM me.
    Budget :tight

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    doesn't WordPress have a built-in search engine?? :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    doesn't WordPress have a built-in search engine?? :O
    yup ... but i'm looking for some thing better, like custom_fields search, filter and bla ....
    cause my site is abt property sale
    interested ?

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    what kind of custom fields do you have in mind?

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    search request :
    1. Keyword (global search)
    Custom Fields:
    2. Prices (from 50000 Drop down)
    3. Prices to
    4. No room
    5. For Sale/for rent (drop down)

    can see the sample site (sample search on side bar) at Just another WordPress weblog: My blog (btw the search for display purpose only, not working )

    i try the custom search plugin but is very hard to manage (CSS too) and not so accurate
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    anyone pls .... really need this service
    the search can be ajax on top or anything, not necessary to be side bar.

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