Hi All,

I am a wordpress Plugin Developer willing to provide my services on following areas

  1. Wordpress Plugin Development
  2. Wordpress Core customization
  3. Wordpress Plugin customization
  4. Wordpress installation.

Rates will be negotiable for all development / customization work. but for Wordpress Installation and setup the rates are 5 USD per installation with 5 Plugin setup free. per 5 extra plugin I will charge 1 USD extra.
Wordpress Instalation + 5 Plugin = 5 USD
5 Plugin extra = 1 USD

Hoping to have some good trade with people at netbuilders.org

Note : i am also running a post in this forum itself for free wordpress plugins : http://www.netbuilders.org/blogging/free-wordpress-plugin-suggestion-requested-15812.html
This is for those who don't have any fixed timeframe and don't worry if the plugin goes open source. as any plugin developed with that thread will be a open source plugin available to general public.