Needing someone to do WP theme work for me.

First off NO I not wanting a different theme. I like the one I have but it needs some work done to it

The Job is to edit the theme and make the changes on the theme to my needs.

Here is what needs to be done.

1. Theme shows sub pages titles in the header. I do not want the sub page titles showns.

2. Theme is showing all catagories/and sub cat. I know this might sound strange but I only want one catagory shown on theme.

3. I wish 2 items removed from the theme.

4. The next page need to be added to the theme it is not there. Wanting this ( < 1 2 3 ... > )

5. The catagory page does not show the sidebar and footer that needs to be added.

6. Sidebar order need changed.

WP Plugins

I have two plugins that work with other themes but for some reason they are not working with this theme.

You will need to find what is causing them not to work and make it so they work.

These are the pluging that are not working.

1. WP125 They are showing up in the sidebar but not correctly.

2. A plug that was made for me. My guess is that you will need to write something to the css for the image to work correctly it is not centered.

Please PM your bid.

Thanks in advance